2024 Spring-Summer Manicure Color Trends

2024 Spring-Summer Manicure Color Trends

Every year, Pantone announces its "star" colors that shine brighter and more frequently and are the most desired and coveted by everyone. These colors dominate the works of famous designers, fashion show presentations, and everyday life. Gel polish trends are an integral part of this, so below we share inspiring manicure and style inspirations.

Sky Blue and Soft Lilac

Shades of sky blue and soft lilac evoke lightness and freshness. The endless blue sky and the scent of lilacs are like a beautiful dream. In Didier Lab collections, you will find these dream-inspiring colors that will bring beautiful moods into your daily life: Studios Didier Lilac, Sculpture Polybase Fresh Violet, Studios Didier Vivid Sky Blue.

The Queen of the Year - Peach

Declared the Pantone Color of the Year 2024, Peach Fuzz sets another direction. Warm peach tones crown the moods and trends of the year. Alongside them fits a bright orange exuding citrus freshness: Studios Didier Peach,

Studios Didier Tropical Sun, Green Reactive Nail Polish Sakura. 


Cherry Red and Rich Green  

Deliciously passionate red and vibrant green add a touch of bright energy to this year's palette. These tones are impossible to overlook. Dive into a bold adventure with these colors:  Studios Didier Energy, Studios Didier Merlot Wine, Studios Didier Karmen, Studios Didier Paris Green

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