Brand Philosophy


The story of Didier Lab begins in Paris. It is the story of a brand dedicated to the manufacture of professional products for skin care and nail design as well as to training through its academy. The brand whose name Didier comes from the Latin desiderare and meaning “to desire”, celebrates envy and confesses an aspiration to lust. She thus wishes to inspire in every woman the desire to take care of herself. 

Didier Lab is also a universe with a modern and classic style where elegance prevails. We believe that in women, nails are the final touch to self-expression, style and body aesthetics. 


Didier Lab is distinguished by its philosophy and its unique and innovative objectives. Initially, the brand wants to offer professional products of superior quality and respectful of the natural plate of the nail. Thus, you will find in its products a wide variety of ingredients, all selected with the greatest care and subject to European standards. 

Secondly, the brand wishes to contribute to improving the techniques and the general level of nail prosthetists. I n professional knowledge, even the best quality products cannot be exploited to their best advantage, which is why the Didier Lab Academy was created. It offers professional training specializing in nail care and design aimed at both beginners and professionals. The Didier Lab Academy is a place where technicians can start their professional careers, acquire excellent theoretical and practical knowledge, improve their qualifications and benefit from the experience of trainers and educators of world renown and honored with international awards. .

Didier Lab wishes through his academy to create a community of high level professional technicians who follow trends, and thus improve the quality of nail care. Several technical workshops are also organized regularly as well as two annual seminars to bring together prosthetists around a day of presentation of new trends. 

Didier Lab is also a partnership program with salons wishing to integrate the brand into their product assortment.


The harmony between trends and science is what makes Didier Lab products attractive and which has enabled it in recent years to offer ever more innovative products and a most complete range of colors. 

The universe and the philosophy of the brand can be found in its showroom space located in the 11th arrondissement of Paris.