How to choose gel nail polish?

How to choose gel nail polish?

The main function of gel nail polish is colour, so the most important aspect here is what colours and what mood you desire. It's also worth paying attention to a few technical details: a) pigmentation b) whether it's easy to apply or doesn't run onto the cuticles. The main collections from Didier Lab are listed below.

Studios Didier

Studios Didier (MOST POPULAR) - the largest collection with about 200 colours. 90% of them provide full coverage with just one layer. Strong pigmentation, delicious, finished colours. Everyone will find their favourite colours in this abundance.


Brillant (MOST POPULAR) - a bright, shining collection at the top of popularity! Effective, light-reflecting gel polishes that are highly pigmented. They will create a radiant mood not only on special occasions but also in everyday life!

Natural look

Natural look - transparent, airy colors for lovers of minimalism and not only. The desired result, color intensity can be adjusted with the number of layers. You can find both light and brighter colors in this collection.


Exotic - very playful and exotic colours with a minimal shimmer. You can achieve a light feather effect. Perfect for covering the entire nail plate or for design elements.



Several other playful collections for full coverage or nail art - Macarons, Unicorn, Confetti, Electro, Pop Star.

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