How to choose the top coat for nails?

How to choose the top coat for nails?

How to choose the top coat for nails?

The top coat (also known as "top") is the final step in gel nail application. It serves as a protective layer against mechanical damage and provides shine. It can come with design elements or be classic. Therefore, when choosing, attention should be paid to the main protective function as well as additional options. Below you will find a description of top coats from Didier Lab and a technical comparison table of the products.


Super Shiny No Wipe

Super Shiny No Wipe Top Coat (MOST POPULAR) - a new generation classic top coatwith even stronger protection against mechanical damage and longer-lasting shine. Non-sticky, easy to handle, smooths out unevenness.

No Wipe

No Wipe Top Coat - a classic non-sticky top coat that provides excellent protection against mechanical damage and smooths out unevenness. Perfect for abrasions and protects colours from fading.


Veloure Top Coat - with an elegant velour effect. Easy-to-shape consistency. This top coat will add a different mood to each gel polish colour, so long-lasting manicures will retain their freshness. Can be used for full nail coverage or design elements.

No Blue

No Blue Top Coat - designed for dark colours. Prevents colour changes during wear. The black colour will remain black until the next correction time. No fading or blue tint. Very shiny, without a sticky layer.

With design elements

Glitter, Chameleon, Pop Star, Cat Eye, Milky White, Milky Pink, Matte - top coats with different types of design elements or additional features.

 You will find more detailed information in the table.

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