How to choose the right nail base coat?

How to choose the right nail base coat?

How to choose the right nail base coat?

All bases are essentially designed for nail strengthening, but each of them has additional functions or technical features. The question arises, how to choose the most suitable one for yourself or your client? You should answer these questions. What condition is the nail plate in at the moment? Is it severely damaged? Or does it receive a lot of moisture? Below you will find a brief description of the main Didier Lab base coats for different types of nail plates and purposes.

Fiber Octagon Base

Fiber Octagon base (MOST POPULAR) - designed for particularly weak and damaged nails. Thanks to the vitamins and fiber, it restores and strengthens the nail plate. Possible extension up to 5 mm.

Colored Rubber Base

Rubber base with color - it's a "2in1" base, so we can skip the color layer. Perfect for those who like soft natural or reddish shades. Also suitable for French manicure. Not suitable for nail extension.

Colored Fiber Base

Fiber base with color - "2in1", soft, natural shades and additional nail strengthening due to the vitamins and Fiber glass particles in the composition. Not suitable for nail extension.

You will find more detailed information in the table.

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